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Do you want to let go fear and insecurity
and start living from your heart?

Than it is time to grant yourself
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you were born to create.

Do you feel you have been playing too small?

Looking back at years of unfulfillment
and status quo?

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It's time to unleash your full potential

A Once in a Year opportunity to break free from the status quo
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let's turn regrets and status quo
into your desired legacy

Many elderly individuals, as they approach the end of their lives, are confronted with a predominant regret.

They regret having dedicated their entire lives to busyness, not daring to take more risks, and neglecting what truly held significance for them.

The good news is that you need not harbor any of these regrets, as the opportunity to embark on your Legacy Project is available to you today.

Over the course of four enriching months, alongside a community of like-minded individuals, you will overcome the shackles of procrastination and delve into profound insights guiding your legacy project. This masterclass is meticulously designed for those who are prepared to liberate themselves from old narratives, unlock their genuine potential, and assume control of their destiny and the legacy they leave behind.

What You Will Learn:

✨ Break Free from Your Old Story and family patterns that held you back
✨ Rediscover your needs and what bring you the most fulfillment
✨ Redefine your Destiny and Get Clarity on your Life Quest and Legacy
✨ Shred insecurity, stop procrastination Build mindful productivity skills
✨ Learn an easy methodology on how to master your emotions and your mind daily
✨ Start your Legacy project, and live a life of fulfillment
✨ Live Mastermind Experience: Engage with a supportive community of change-makers.

✨ Unlock Your True Potential: Embrace the audacious, authentic, and abundant version of yourself.


🌟 Bonus 1: SMARTER Method Online Class at Your Own Pace: Access a free online class for mindful efficient time management.
🌟 Bonus 2 : Online course: The power of Authenticity Unleash and embrace your True Identity

🌟 Bonus 3: Early Bird Registration: First 5 registrants receive two complimentary coaching sessions. Act Now, Your Time is Now

The universe led you here for a reason – reclaim your time, invest in yourself, and define your legacy.

Register today; your legacy is calling, and your time is now. Embrace the journey that awaits, and let your story of transformation inspire others.

Are you ready to gain the skills to be audacious, and become the exemplary leader you yearn to be?

Over a period of four month you will feel more supported than ever before to create your own destiny and Legacy.

Avoid deathbed regrets, start your Legacy Project today




Livia, a native of the Netherlands, decided to unravel the secrets to a happy, successful, and fulfilling life after her father's tragic suicide, her stepfather's descent into alcoholism, and her mother's struggle with mental health issues. Despite the challenge of not knowing where to begin or how to proceed, she was determined to break free from the detrimental family patterns.

Having devoted 12 years to advancing her career and attaining success as a marketing manager, specifically catering to a multilingual audience in the European capital of Brussels, Livia encountered a critical juncture when diagnosed with chronic fatigue and burnout. In the midst of an approaching divorce and financial hardships, she confronted the stark realization that she had veered away from her core values and the envisioned path for her life. Recognizing the replication of family patterns and grappling with a scarcity mindset that had rendered her unhappy, unhealthy, and unfulfilled, Livia resolved to make a resolute commitment
to reshape her identity and destiny.

In her quest for personal transformation, Livia became a master practitioner in NLP, specializing in life, relationship, and entrepreneurship coaching. After a few years of dedicated effort, she successfully restored her health, happiness, and success. Livia became happily married and embraced the role of a dedicated mother to two children. Despite successfully establishing various income streams and nurturing a thriving family business, she acknowledged a lingering sense of playing small in her career and postponing engagement with what truly mattered to her.
She rekindled her life's mission to inspire, empower, and educate millions on breaking free
from family patterns, insecurity, procrastination, and regrets. And creating their legacy projects that
They have postponed it for far too long. She teaches mindful productivity to create a legacy in alignment with their values and dreams and through her example, she inspires people to live audaciously, authentically, and abundantly.

Livia founded the Badass Zen philosophy and the SMARTER Method. She is a pioneer in mindful productivity.
Today, she invites individuals to learn directly from her. Register today for this unique opportunity, as spaces are limited.

What do you do when YOu know
you have been PROCRASTINATING AND playing small?

  • For a period of 4 months :
    In a group of likeminded individuals
    you get live group coaching twice a month
    for 2 hours.

  • Training from a trainer who not only talks the talk but also walks the walk to guide you.
    Who broke through limiting family patterns created her own Life Legacy Projects for herself, her couple Legacy Project and her Family Legacy Project that led to renewed, happiness, health, success, wealth and fulfillment.

  • On this journey you can choose to make a personal Legacy project or a Professional Legacy project.

It is not too late to Create a fulfilling life,
start your Legacy Project today


🌟BONUS 1. Free online course :
The power of Authenticity
Unleash and embrace your True Identity

You will learn the secrets of living an authentic life and easy ways to become more authentic and fulfilled in life. This course can be followed at your own pace. And you have access for a lifetime

🌟 BONUS 2: SMARTER Method Online Class at Your Own Pace

Access a free online class for mindful efficient time management.
that will help you keep the momentum, and get significant results

🌟 Badass Zen Planner for 2024

Get this planner that will help you
get significant results at your doorstep!

🌟Early Bird Registrants

The First 5 registrants receive two complimentary individual coaching sessions. Act Now, Your Time is Now




You will get eight Live masterclasses
with like-minded souls
starting on January 20, 2024
Make 2024 your best year ever by joining us.


As a child, you can't choose your parents or educators, and how you absorb the ideas they teach you. But as an adult, you have the power to decide what meaning you give to life events, what you choose to learn and believe, and ultimately, who you decide to become.

In a world where many people feel alone in their journey, you have a choice: try to grow on your own or join a group of like-minded people who will support you. Find a teacher who not only talks the talk but also walks the walk to guide you.

You can opt to play small, waiting until you find yourself on your deathbed, realizing it's too late to rectify regrets. Alternatively, you can initiate your legacy project now, ensuring that one day you depart this world with a contented smile, irrespective of others' actions.

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